If I bang my head hard enough against a wall, will I finally be at peace?

Next to a very strong urge to end my life I was thinking a lot about my place in this society in the past weeks.

I honestly don’t want to work.
What does not mean that I want to be someone on benefits or the like, just to clarify it.

This solely means that I don’t want to contribute to this societal structure with my hard-earned money. Or even worse – work just to be able to pay into this hostile structure.

And I don’t want to act on a daily basis anymore…a smile here, a “how are you doooooing?” there…I despise it!
I am not a person who likes to be surrounded by people, I don’t like talking and even more I don’t like playing along even though nothing is right and/or fair (those who need to work with people will understand it….the lazy idiots are never called out and the diligent workers are often the ones being overlooked).

Does this post have a point?

I don’t know anymore….

I just want to get away…for good

Or die

And die

Just die


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