Munch munch, chomp chomp, gobble gobble, gulp

My body aches…my stomach is stretched and hurts…
I feel nauseous and am disgusted by myself..

This is the second weekend in a row of binging and -again- I cannot regain control over it…and -again- I despise myself for being so weak and despicable.

I am so tired of this…so tired…

In the beginning the food at least gave me some kind of satisfaction and numbness at the very moment of stuffing my face, but this is not the case anymore…
Unfortunately, my brain is now programmed on full-blown self sabotage and food, food, food….

Honestly, I started missing cutting myself…I would chose it over eating like a pig anytime.

I just don’t know anymore.
I don’t want do deal with it…with anything..anymore


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